Our jihad is to reclaim Islam from extremists. What is yours?

MyJihad joins Muslims worldwide in condemnation of ISIS

For immediate release / September 1st, 2014

Chicago, IL: Chicago-based organization and public education campaign, MyJihad, announces their condemnation of the extremist group, “ISIS” or “ISIL” and encourages all Muslims globally to openly condemn this group and any similar groups.

MyJihad Campaign Director, Angie Emara explains, “This is exactly what the MyJihad campaign is geared towards – not just anti-Muslim hate groups or bigotry. The MyJihad campaign also specifically directs its efforts towards countering extremist groups like ISIS that call themselves “Muslim” to let the public know that their actions are not Islamic. They do not represent Islam.”

The declaration comes after numerous Muslim organizations in the U.S. and around the world that include Muslim clergy, have come forward to publicly denounce the actions of the ISIS group following criminal acts of persecution and murder against Christians in Iraq as well as Yazidis, Muslims and other innocent people, in addition to the tragic beheading of American Journalist, James Foley. The MyJihad Board of Directors urges Muslims worldwide to share the true meaning of Islam which regards the taking of one life as equivalent in sin to taking the lives of all of humanity. Unless it is specifically in self-defense, killing in Islam is strictly forbidden.

MyJihad, Inc. is a public education campaign whose mission is to “take back Islam from Muslim extremists and anti-Muslim extremists alike.” It was formed in 2012 in an effort to educate the public on the true meaning of the word “jihad” and the true meaning of Islam and has been featured in worldwide media.