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Indian Muslims loudly condemn Daesh aka “Islamic” State

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File photo: AP

More than 1,000 Muslim clerics in India have ratified a religious ruling that condemns the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (File photo: AP)

Over a thousand Indian Muslim scholars have endorsed a fatwa against ISIS, the so-called “Islamic” state in Iraq and Syria, known by its Arabic acronym Daesh.

(Note: we prefer to refer to Daesh as Daesh, and not “Islamic” state, because it is a play on words similar to Daes, meaning “one who tramples, a bigot.”)

In response to the abhorrent un-Islamic behavior of Daesh, these Indian scholars ratified a 1,100 page statement detailing their violations of just about every rule in Islam and concluding that the group is “un-Islamic” at best:

The edict was issued by a leading Mumbai-based cleric, Mohammed Manzar Hasan Ashrafi Misbahi, and has been signed by the leaders of all the main mosques in India, which has the world’s third-largest Muslim population.

“The acts of ISIS are inhuman and un-Islamic,” Misbahi said by phone from Mumbai. “Islam does not allow the killing of even an animal. What ISIS is doing is damaging to Islam.”

Misbahi said the fatwa – which is around 1,100 pages and labels the ISIS group “un-Islamic” – has been sent to the leaders of more than 50 countries, seeking their endorsement.

Even so, we’ll continue to hear the tired old cliché that Muslims don’t condemn terrorism. But, worry not, Wajahat Ali is on top of it:

With this fatwa, the Open Letter to Al-Baghdadi, and many many other official statements, it’s not really that Muslims aren’t condemning Daesh and “Islamic” terrorism. It’s just that some people would rather not listen.

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