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Sponsor a #MyJihad member at Chicago’s Bike the Drive Event!

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bike the drive

#MyJihad is proud to have a team that will be riding for this year’s May 26th, Bike the Drive in Chicago!  Our individual entry fees support their city-wide jihad for better walking, biking and transit in Chicagoland which keeps pollution down and promotes healthy living.

In light of the devastating tornadoes that have ravaged Oklahoma, #MyJihad has shifted gears in our own fundraising efforts:  We are teaming up with ICNA, to send out a response team to get vital resources to survivors as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Sponsor a #MyJihad team member ($1/mile) and 100% of the proceeds will go towards sending #MyJihad volunteers to aid in disaster relief in Oklahoma immediately.

TO SPONSOR:  Simply scroll to the bottom of the homepage at www.myjihad.org where it says “Sponsor an Ad” and click on the orange DONATE button.  Select CHICAGO and enter your donation amount (see sponsor amounts below).  Once you submit it, you will have the option to leave a comment.  Type in the team member you are sponsoring.  We will “compete” against each other to see who can get the most sponsors/donations, but all donations to any of the riders below will go to the Oklahoma City relief effort.

Meet the members of the #MyJihad Bike Team & pick one (or more!) to sponsor & leave a comment below:



Team #Ahmed: 36, founder of the #MyJihad campaign, planning to ride the entire 30 mile stretch of Lakeshore Drive. Despite his very busy schedule, Ahmed is making time to participate in this great event.  Come out and support Ahmed in his ride as early as 7AM on May 26th, or if you can’t make it in person, support his ride!  Sponsor #Ahmed



angieTeam #Angie: 35, mother trying to get back into shape after having 4 children! Riding for health and for the #MyJihad campaign, as MyJihad is to get healthy and get more energy to be there for my kids through their own struggles.  Many may know I lost one son, but trying my best to get strong and stay strong for the rest!  I plan to ride the whole 30 miles inshaAllah, even with newly acquired outdoor allergies!  SUPPORT ME in my ride and MyJihad, by sponsoring me!  Sponsor #Angie


Yasmina Bike the DriveTeam #Yasmina: I’m 40 something! I’m an avid bike rider. I ride regularly and have all my original knee and hip joints unlike other members of the #MyJihad team. (ahem- Bentley!) I am a mother of 2, and I’ll admit, I’m not as quick on my feet as I once was and have to make more frequent pit stops than when I was in my twenties- but I’m an “in-it-for-the-long-haul” type of person- so sponsor me. I plan to ride the entire 30 miles even if they have to drag me over the finish line! Sponsor #Yasmina

bentleyTeam #Bentley: New Bike $372, New Helmet $32 helping foster relations and education in an effort to build peace… PRICELESS! Wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world… I’m just your average, middle-aged American from Naperville, IL who loves what the #MyJihad Team is doing and want to support it in any way I can. For people that can’t join us to Bike the Drive for #MyJiihad, I hope they will consider a small donation to help get this message out. P.S. Old White Guys Rule!  Sponsor #Bentley


Team #Saleha: After three drafts, two consultations, and a little slacking at work, this bio came into being!!! Being funny or writing is no fun job but biking sure is total fun… it brings the kid out in me. I laugh without reason and start talking to myself. Whether it be in the streets of India or on Route 41 – wheels bring out my inner happy monster. So watch out, here I come with “Pepper” – my bike, my buddy!!! Lets go Occupy Lakeshore Drive!!!  Sponsor #Saleha

UmmehaniTeam #Ummehani:   I haven’t owned a bike since high school, although I did bike a lot as a kid (since we lived without a car in Singapore) so hoping that balancing skills will come back to me.  Or else, riders must watch out for the clumsy girl falling on her side.  Also, not sure how hijab and helmet will work together, so more nervous than biking, I’m nervous about wearing the helmet with hijab. #MyJihad: Determined to find a way though!  Sponsor #Ummehani

Comment below stating who you are sponsoring!  #MyJihad thanks you for your support!


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  1. Nader Ismail says:

    Angie, You are doing an amazing job. Good luck

  2. Nader Ismail says:

    Bentley, Good luck. Together We Can Make a Difference

  3. myjihad says:

    Thank you Joe and Nader for the instant support! God bless!

  4. Ramy Kurdi says:


  5. Donna Lopez says:

    I love you Yasmina!!!! You can do this with your eyes shut. You have my support all the way!

  6. Rania Reyad says:

    I love you Guys Angie , Yasmina and Saleha you all doing a very good job .

  7. Sumer Hashmi-Kishanov says:

    GO TEAM YASMINA!!!!! We are so proud of you!!! love Sumer, Adam, Gabriel, Isra, Samia, Salman and Mom

  8. Nesreen says:

    Yasmina, we are very proud of what you are doing and we love you very much!

  9. Jeff Lawrence says:

    Go #TeamAngie!!!

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