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Blessed Islam: MyJihad Education Campaign Goes On Charity Bike Ride

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MAY 28, 2013 

On May 26th, volunteers from the #MyJihad public education campaign, cycled 30 miles to raise money for relief in Oklahoma.

#MyJihad volunteers get set to cycle.

#MyJihad, a public education campaign sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), seeks to share the meaning of Jihadas believed and practiced by the majority of Muslims, bringing forth the voice of the majority that is often squeezed out by two extremes.

But in light of the devastating Oklahoma tornadoes , #MyJihad shifted gears to its very own fundraising efforts to ‘Bike The Drive’, an annual event that lets cyclists take over one of Chicago’s most celebrated roadways.

The #MyJihad cyclists came from a variety of backgrounds and had different reasons to cycle (to do their very own ‘Jihad’).

One cyclist wrote: “35, mother trying to get back into shape after having 4 children! Riding for health and for the #MyJihad campaign, as MyJihad is to get healthy and get more energy to be there for my kids through their own struggles.”

Another cyclist wrote: “New Bike $372, New Helmet $32 helping foster relations and education in an effort to build peace… PRICELESS! Wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world…”

The #MyJihad campaign takes back the meaning of Jihad.

100% of the proceeds donated went towards sending the #MyJihadvolunteers to Oklahoma who teamed up with a credible Islamic charity that was aiding and helping survivors of the tornado that recently ravaged neighbourhoods in Oklahoma.

The tornado, packing ferocious winds of at least 200mph, carved a 17-mile path of destruction even through schools, killing 24 people, including 10 children.

It destroyed over 12,000 homes and caused $2bn (£1.33bn) of damage.

Many American Muslim organisations, groups and societies came to the aid of needy survivors after the ordeal.

Images courtesy: #MyJihad

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  1. Sadaqah says:

    This is really really impressive for every muslim. Best of luck to the whole tea who thinks for the others.

  2. I heard all this on news. I wish everyone can do like this. Best of luck guys.

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