Our jihad is to reclaim Islam from extremists. What is yours?

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University of Chicago Divinity School: Muslim Perspectives on “Remembering God” at Christmas and #MyJihad

University of Chicago Divinity School 26 December, 2013

Yahala Voice: Exclusive Interview on #MyJihad with Angie Emara

Yahala Voice 4 June, 2013

Blessed Islam: MyJihad Education Campaign Goes On Charity Bike Ride

Blessed Islam 28 May, 2013

Al-Hurra TV: #MyJihad

Al-Hurra TV 23 May, 2013

#MyJihad Campaign: The Struggle for Self-Expression: Yasmina Blackburn at TEDxLUC

TEDxLUC 13 May, 2013

The Rusty Humphries Show: #MyJihad and Ahmed Rehab on Rusty Humphries

The Rusty Humphries Show 26 April, 2013

The Balkan Chronicle: #MyJihad is steeped in my Balkan roots

The Balkan Chronicle 11 April, 2013

Chicago Monitor: #MyJihad: A campaign for perspective

Chicago Monitor 8 April, 2013

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty: Campaign Aims To Reclaim True Meaning Of ‘Jihad’

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty 29 March, 2013

formiche: “MyJihad”, la campagna dei musulmani moderati

formiche 7 March, 2013

Loonwatch: #MyJihad: San Francisco Tells Hate Group Leaders Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer To Hit The Road

Loonwatch 15 March, 2013

Muslim Matters: #MyJihad – The ‘Struggle’ to Reclaim Islam

Muslim Matters 11 March, 2013

Upworthy: How To Take Down A Little Word With A Lot Of Power

Upworthy 9 March, 2013

NPR: In Chicago, Dueling Ads Over The Meaning Of ‘Jihad’

All Things Considered, NPR News 8 March, 2013

The New York Times: Using Billboards to Stake Claim Over ‘Jihad’

The New York Times 6 March, 2013

Deutsche Welle: German Radio Interview – Reclaiming Jihad

Deutsche Welle l March, 2013

CZWÓRKA Polskie Radio: Polish Radio Interview

CZWÓRKA Polskie Radio 5 March, 2013

Medill News: A ‘jihad’ to reclaim the word from extremists

Medill News 21 February, 2013

Coordinated campaign «MyJihad» Angie Emara Gazette: confront the extremists Muslims and non-Muslims

Al Jarida 20 February, 2013

The Muslim Link: MyJihad Campaign Comes to Area Metro Stations

The Muslim Link 16 February, 2013

Washington Post: ‘Jihad’ ads come to D.C. Metro stations

The Washington Post 12 February, 2013


NPR On The Media 8 February, 2013

Malaysia Today: My Jihad Ad Campaign Launches In Washington, D.C. (PHOTOS)

Malaysia Today 7 February, 2013

Daily Star-Lebanon: #MyJihad helps dispel a great myth about Islam

The Daily Star Lebanon 6 February, 2013

New York Daily News: War of words: Muslim activists trying to wrestle ‘jihad’ away from extremists and critics

New York Daily News 5 February, 2013

NPR Background Briefing: Recapturing the Word Jihad from Muslim and Anti-Muslim Extremists

NPR 4 February, 2013

Patheos: #MyJihad, for Two Children, is Anchored in Brotherly Love and Loss. What’s Yours?

Patheos 4 February, 2013

Huffington Post: #MyJihad Is to Not Let Others Dictate What Muslims Are

Huffington Post 4 February, 2013

The Washington Post OnFaith: Chicago is ground zero in U.S. Muslim renaissance

Washington Post 5 February, 2013

On Islam: “My Jihad” Fights US Muslim Stereotyping

OnIslam 4 February, 2013

CNN: Muslim activists aim to reclaim the word ‘jihad’ with ad campaign

CNN 3 February, 2013

KPLR 11 St. Louis: Muslims take back the meaning of ‘jihad’

KPLR 11 2 February, 2013

KFVS 12: Muslims take back the true purpose of ‘jihad’

KFVS 12 2 February, 2013

Christian Post: Muslim activists seek to reclaim ‘Jihad’ in new ad campaign

Christian Post 1 February, 2013

Muslim Village: #MyJihad: Muslim activists redefine ‘Jihad’

Muslim Village 1 February, 2013

NPR: Through Ad Campaign, Muslim Activists Want To Redefine ‘Jihad’

NPR 30 January, 2013

The Rusty Humphries Show: Rusty Talks with Ahmed Rehab about the My Jihad Campaign

Rusty Humphries Show 30 January, 2013

OnIslam: ‘My Jihad’ to Canada to Defeat Islamophobes

OnIslam 20 January, 2013

Vancouver Observer: #MyJihad: How a hashtag aims to reintroduce Muslims to Canada and US

Vancouver Observer 19 January, 2013

World Bulletin: #MyJihad bus campaign in San Francisco

World Bulletin 15 January, 2013

State of Belief: Taking back Islam from extremists with “My Jihad”: Ahmed Rehab extended interview video and transcript

State of Belief Radio 12 January, 2013

Loonwatch: #MyJihad: Can “jihad” survive Pam Geller?

Loonwatch 10 January, 2013

الجزيرة : حملات لمكافحة التمييز ضد مسلمي أميركا

AlJazeera 9 January, 2013

Chicago Monitor: Pamela Geller’s self-defeating quest to “defeat” jihad

Chicago Monitor 9 January, 2013

Salon: Can “jihad” be rebranded?

Salon 9 January, 2013

TAM: Did AFDI’s “Savage/Jihad” hate ads inspire bus threats?

The American Muslim (TAM) 9 January, 2013

Chicago Monitor: Glenn Beck’s ‘The Blaze’ gets it wrong on the #MyJihad campaign

Chicago Monitor 7 January, 2013

USA TODAY: Bus ads aim to explain the meaning of ‘jihad’

USA TODAY 4 January, 2013

In Good Faith: In 2013, #MyJihad Is … ?

In Good Faith 4 January, 2013

Huffington Post: My Jihad, Ad Campaign, Rolls Out On San Francisco Buses

Huffington Post 4 January, 2013

Examiner: #MyJihad Launches in San Francisco

Examiner 3 January, 2013

KTVU FOX 2: #MyJihad campaign reaches San Francisco Muni buses

KTVU Fox2 2 January, 2013

WGN 9: ‘My Jihad’ ad campaign launches on CTA buses

WGN 9 News 14 December, 2012

Huffington Post: CTA Anti-Muslim Ads – Controversial ‘Defeat Jihad’ Ads Arrive In Chicago

Huffington Post l November 21, 2012

Incendiary anti-Muslim ads that previously stirred up controversy when they ran in New York City and Washington, D.C. subway stations arrived Wednesday in Chicago.

WGN 9 Radio: Anti-Jihad Ads on the CTA

CAIR-Chicago l November 19, 2012

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, discusses the racist CTA ads, and sheds light on the meaning of Jihad that many Americans and the media may not know.

WGN 9: ‘Jihad’ ads on CTA buses spark outrage

WGN 9 l November 16, 2012

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, responds to Pamela Geller’s anti-Muslim CTA ads.

WBEZ: Provocative anti-Jihad ad appears on CTA buses

WBEZ l November 16, 2012

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, gives a statement to WBEZ about the upcoming Jihad ads by AFDI to be placed on CTA buses, and on the launching of the “My Jihad” nationwide ad campaign.

Religion Ads on CTA buses enrage Jewish group, others

Chicago Tribune l November 15, 2012

Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago Executive Director gives a statement to the Chicago Tribune about upcoming plans on launching the “My Jihad” nationwide ad campaign next week.

Controversial ‘defeat jihad’ ads show up on CTA buses

Chicago Sun-Times l November 15, 2012

CAIR-Chicago’s Director Ahmed Rehab speaks to the Chicago Sun Times about controversial ads on CTA buses, and shares plans of advertising the “My Jihad” national campaign.


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