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Blessed Islam: Drown Out Anti-Muslim Sentiments

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Extremists from all sides of the spectrum have hijacked Islam, and these very people who oppose tolerance and bridge-building tend to drown the mainstream voice out. It is time to drown their voices out so peace can prevail.

Speak Up

We have seen various attempts by anti-Muslim sentiments in particular who have tried to tarnish positive efforts made by others, and an example I have seen recently will hopefully help people understand this.

A campaign named #MyJihad, sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was a positive campaign helping bridge divides and help educate people – Muslims and non-Muslims – about the concept of Jihad (no, it doesn’t mean ‘holy war’ contrary to popular belief). Below is an ad they promoted in the U.S.

Photo: MyJihad

Photo: MyJihad

As soon as this campaign started becoming popular, individuals and organisations known to have a hatred of Islam and Muslims, started hijacking this campaign to make it into something negative. They even went to the long lengths to registering a website with a similar name to divert the message and to mislead others.

It clearly indicates that there are many individuals and organisations who are attempting to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims, simply because they cannot tolerate others.

Unlike them, we should carry on building bridges between all kinds of people and raise our voices louder than theirs. This is not only confined to anti-Muslim sentiments, but hatred against ChristiansJews and all others.

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